DUC Multistore Conversano

The idea of creating e-commerce  was created to support entrepreneurial activities to gain high visibility by exploiting their potential also in terms of tourism, it will in fact be in Italian and English. Not only have visibility through standard activities but also by using the new communication systems. These new technologies make it possible to quickly find out what is on offer and eventually buy a product or service.".

This new virtual piazza of the municipality of Conversano will be a meeting point between traders and citizens, to grow proximity trade. Technology will become an ally to reach an even wider audience of users and virtuously connect the measures to support and sustain the area's commercial and artisan enterprises. Again, the platform can be a way for many customers to maintain a relationship with the city by being able to buy local products whenever they want. All this at no cost to exhibitors and without any particular difficulty in managing their own areas of competence within the site.

the platform will be fully automated. Therefore, VAT holders will be able to present their products and services easily through a shop, totally free of charge, so that the end user is informed and can buy. It is an interactive platform where the customer can pay directly to the shopkeeper and then the latter can ship their products".